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How do you maintain a sewage treatment plant?

WES managing director and septic tank expert Mark Ward answers the frequently asked question as part of our ongoing Video FAQ series.

How do you maintain a sewage treatment plant?  – Video Transcription

Mark Ward:

“Sewage treatment plants are maintained as well as emptied. People often confuse the two. Maintenance is generally geared towards the actual process of the system, so there are component parts within the plant that will need to be changed. There are consumables that need to be replaced: pumps, valves, manifolds, et cetera, all need to be cleaned and set. So it’s a bit like a car. If you don’t service it each year, it will start to underperform, and the same as applied to a sewage treatment plant. Also, good maintenance will also ensure that you’re only emptying the plant when it needs it. So a maintenance visit will sample the plants, check the quality of effluent, and then advise if an empty is required or not.”

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