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Video FAQ Series

WES managing director and septic tank expert Mark Ward answers the frequently asked question, how to install a septic tank?

Video Transcription

Mark Ward: “So in terms of installing a septic tank, I guess the main thing really is to make sure you’re working with a contractor or a specialist that knows how to install these products. It isn’t simply a case of just digging a hole.

The site is very specific in terms of ground conditions, stability, making sure that you’re providing a safe working environment, because you typically could be digging an excavation two and a half to three or even four metres deep, and if someone’s got to go in the hole to lay a concrete base, it should be properly shored or battered.

So really it’s very site-specific. But very basically, once the excavation is formed, the tank is installed, normally with a concrete surround, and then backfield, so what you actually see once it’s underground is the cover at ground level.”

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