If you’re looking to sell your house and the property is off mains, you’ll want to be sure that the sale proceeds without any unnecessary glitches. Whichever off mains drainage system you use – septic tank or sewage treatment plant, a home seller survey will give you peace of mind that there are no hidden problems with this aspect of the sale. It can smooth the sales process of the property by assuring your buyer, or potential buyer, that your drainage system is in fully compliant and in working order.

If the survey does discover any issues, it’s far better to have them fixed before selling, than to risk them cropping up at the last minute of the sale.

How the home seller survey works

  • Contact us and we’ll arrange to visit your property at a time convenient to you
  • We’ll give your drainage system – septic tank, sewage treatment plant or a full inspection
  • We’ll send you a written report of our findings

We’ll be happy to give you a quote for any work that may need carrying out if that turns out to be the case.

Why Choose Us

For clients looking to sell a property which is off-mains, we attend site and carry out a full off-mains drainage survey and inspection of the existing arrangements and then report back our findings in accordance with current Environment Agency and Building Regulations.

Off-Mains Drainage Seller Surveys

We have extensive experience of carrying out surveys for homes off grid.

WES Limited offer surveys for both home seller and buyer to provide a detailed understanding of the existing off-mains drainage system in place covering its operation, condition and compliance with both current and proposed legislation.

This means that prior to sale or purchase, all parties are in no doubt as to the current position and the potential cost of repair or replacement if required, avoiding delays in the sale and unexpected costs. Just contact us & we’ll be delighted to give you a free, no-obligation quote for this service.

Off Mains Drainage is required when a property is not connected to the main sewage system network. This can apply to all manner of properties and situations: from residential to commercial and agricultural, to home owners or home buyers.

Septic tanks and other related surveys are essential when selling your new home or other type of property. We can find issues that normal surveyors can’t always detect. These jobs require a specialist off mains drainage surveyor and that’s us. It makes sense to establish your peace of mind, knowing that not only the house, but also the off mains drainage has been fully surveyed and deemed fit for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you carry out a home seller survey?

We can normally respond quite quickly for the home seller surveys because, typically, it’s the last thing that people think of. So, time is of the essence! Normally within 3-5 working days, we can be onsite. If we are actually in the area, we may well be able to respond quicker than that.

Do you survey the whole house or just the off-mains drainage?

Our Off mains house survey only surveys the ‘off-mains’ system in place – you will still need a house surveyor for the standard home buyer property survey.

Can’t I just get my house surveyor to do this?

Not normally, unless there are an expert in this field, they will always recommend a specialist ‘off-mains’ surveyor to inspect. The two areas of expertise are quite different to each other so you are by far safest to get specialists in both fields, rather than leaving an off mains survey report to the standard house survey homebuyers report.

What does the survey involve?

The basic home buyer survey includes attendance on site, all drainage covers lifted and a visual inspection to establish any structural defects.  A survey of the site to establish the general layout and then a full survey report giving a description of the current arrangement and its compliance with current legislation, together with guidance on likely requirement for any upgrade/improvement with costs to bring the off mains drainage system in line.

What are your full range of services?

If you are buying a home off grid, we offer full off mains drainage surveys.

In addition we can arrange for a tanker to be in attendance to empty the septic tank so that we can conduct a structural survey of the inside. However, this is not normally required unless we find issues that warrant it…

Do I need to have an off mains drainage survey legally?

No, but in light of the EA 2020 it is advisable to avoid unforeseen costs..

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