WES are expert septic tank installers, bringing 32 years of knowledge and experience to the job to ensure you get the very best septic tank installation available.

We also offer Sewage Treatment Plant Installation as well as a full range of other off-mains drainage services for both residential and commercial sites

What is the cost of installing a septic tank?

This is a commonly asked question, unsurprisingly. Every job is different so we can’t give a generic price for installing septic tanks, but if you give us a quick call, we can immediately begin the process of getting you a price from a site survey.

Septic tank regulations – compliance with the legislation

It is vital that all legislation is complied with. Whether you’re installing a septic tank, sewage treatment plant or cesspit, you’ll need to be 100% sure that everything is compliant. Failure to comply can result in Building Control not approving your installation, or even prosecution.

Our wealth of experience, coupled with the fact we keep up to date with all new and emerging legislation, can give you peace of mind that all regulations will be complied with, so it’s something you don’t have to even think about.

Looking for a septic tank installer?

We cover all areas in the south and midlands of England. For a full list of the counties, we serve please refer to the Locations page.

How to install a septic tank – the process

The phone call

Just contact us and we can have a chat about your requirements, organizing a site survey if appropriate.

Site survey

We’ll visit the site, carry out the survey and if required soil porosity tests (BS6297) and prepare a written report and quote for you. With these results we can design an appropriate drainage field for your septic tank to discharge into (or perhaps a stream or watercourse if you’re going to use a sewage treatment plant)


We’ll install the septic tank with minimum fuss and disruption, in accordance with building regulations and manufacturing guidelines.


Septic tanks do benefit from regular maintenance from a proper licenced company. Treatment plants have to be maintained in accordance with manufacturers guidelines to ensure they maintain a high standard of effluent. We can recommend a couple of companies

Septic Tank Emptying

Service engineers should be able to advise on how often your tank needs emptying. We’ll also be happy to recommend trusted experts for this.

How long does it take to install a septic tank?

This can vary according to weather conditions and the site itself. Generally, most jobs are completed within 1-2 weeks.

Do I have to move out whilst work is taking place?

Not usually, though we would let you know beforehand of course. The drainage can be kept active whilst work is carried out. Disruption kept to absolute minimum.

How do septic tanks work?

Generally speaking, a septic tank can be described as a separating device. So all of the waste from a property flows into it, and then the internal design of the tank is effectively set to retain the sewage and allow the liquid to overflow.

So it’s a separating device, retains the solid matter. The liquids flow pass the baffles or the dip pipes, and then exit the tank. But that effluent is not treated, so the effluent can only be discharged into the ground.

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