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I’m sure the words ‘Septic Tank’ and ‘Compliant’ have come across your desk if you have recently marketed a rural property not connected to the main sewer… hardly the most attractive topic but sadly an important one as a non-compliant Septic Tank can and will hold up the sale.
It is therefore essential that your client engages in a proper survey of their Septic Tank system to ensure compliance to the Environment Agency General Binding Rules, ideally early on to avoid those last minute panics when a problem arises… Simple enough you would think as there are many companies offering this service, however, this is not the case and many ‘experts‘ are using the compliance minefield as a means to generate work or are not fully understanding of the compliance requirements themselves and then causing unnecessary delays or worse still costing you a sale through incorrect reporting.
A large number of existing Septic Tanks and their overflow/infiltration system pre-date the modern British Standards so in general terms, as long as they are functioning and not causing a pollution to a stream for example, it is likely they are compliant:
Key reasons for ‘non-compliance’ that often come up:
The Septic Tank is brick built so not compliant – Incorrect 
The Septic Tank is only a single chamber so not compliant – Incorrect 
The Septic Tank is not the correct capacity for modern flows so not compliant – Incorrect 
The overflow is not into a drainage field so not compliant – Incorrect 
The overflow is too deep so not compliant – Incorrect 
We undertake an average of 4 surveys per week and based on this year’s numbers, 89% of all surveys undertaken have found the Septic Tank system to be compliant.
So please, before engaging a company who claim to be ‘experts’ in this field, make sure you are confident they fully understand the General Binding Rules so that your client gets accurate advice about their Septic Tank system, or better still, give us a call – 01903 866333, you will be in safe knowledgeable hands –
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